Over the summer I got back into film photography. I've always had an interest in photography, whether it was shooting on film or digital. The only time I've shot on film before this year was around 2012 and it was on wildly expired Tri-X 400 using my Nikon N60. I hand developed one of those rolls at the time, the other three have either sat around in my apartment waiting to be developed or sat in my camera waiting to be exposed for the past four years. I have a bad habit of not doing anything with what I shoot. 

Everything I shot up until June of this year was on a Nikon N60. I wanted to use a camera that didn't have an auto focus motor in it, so I went to a local used photography store and picked up a Nikon FE2 and a few rolls of film. 

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A majority of the photos below were shot on my FE2 either on Fuji Superia, Neopan, or Ilford HP5. 

Also I ruined about four rolls of film because I didn't load my FE2 properly, and that sucks to find out when you go to pick up film. Two of these shots came from those rolls, the black and white one is from one of the Tri X rolls. 

Now this was a pretty big photo post, largely because I was sitting on a lot of photos to upload. There are more that I've uploaded to the portfolio section of my site, so you can go there if you want to check them out.

There's going to be no promises of future updates or posts here, because even if I say that I have plans to update this site regularly, it doesn't actually mean I'll follow through. But who knows?